The journey begins

You have to start from somewhere.

That’s what my sister told me, when she read one of my first blog posts on Facebook, analyzing the 2009 NBA Playoffs against the LA Lakers and Orlando Magic.

Writing is and will never be my strongest suit; basketball is and will always be.

Somehow, I find myself writing this one, the first post on what could or could not be the best basketball blog made by a Filipino.

I love basketball. I love the NBA. I love the trash talks involved, the hard fouls, the game winners and the game changers. And it all started when Michael Jordan hit his last shot against Utah Jazz (’97 Finals, Game 6).

I was 6 years old, and everyone at our house was going wild when a guy wearing #23 for the red team was clenching his fist. I had no idea who he was, but I made sure I will.

I’ve spent countless hours watching documentaries about the man they called the greatest. You remember his “Come Fly with Me” show? I watched that on my friend’s VHS player. How about “Michael Jordan: To the Max?” It still is one of my favorite sports documentaries.

Then I switched to watching documentaries like “NBA at 50,” “Magic and Bird: A Courtship of Rivals“, “No Crossover: The Story of Allen Iverson“, “Dynasty: Lakers Three-peat“; and so on and so forth.

As I watched those documentaries, a fire was already starting to burn in my heart. I got their competitiveness. Their will. Their being stubborn.

I didn’t become a great basketball player here in the Philippines, but I am one of its best students.

Over the years, I’ve decided to only root for 2 teams (both could never be in the same conference), a pact that will go on forever and ever: The Los Angeles Lakers and the Chicago Bulls.

When people were angry that the Lakers kept winning, I was a fan. When Shaq split and Kobe was the captain of a sinking ship, I was still a fan. When they got Pau Gasol and Bryant finally win 2 rings without Shaq, I was still a fan; even before these bandwagons of fans arrived.

I’m a fan of the Chicago Bulls NOT because of Michael Jordan, but because of what they stand for: winning (ironically, thanks to Michael Jordan). When they sucked during the early and mid-2000’s, I supported whole-heartedly. When they got Derrick Rose, I was probably one of the few happy people (experts were surprised to see Rose go before Beasley). When Derrick Rose asked why he can’t be MVP, I believed in him.

Those two teams will forever be my teams, win or lose. (This season is going to be tough as a Lakers fan, but thank God I have the Bulls)

Going back as to why I’m starting this blog…

It’s all about the love of the game, to be honest. It has brought me so many things. I got to meet new friends because of it, and made a few enemies too.

I’m excited to share all my insights about basketball, the NBA, and your favorite players. As we go along, I’ll be posting articles about football, American football, tennis and more.

But right now, we stick with basketball. We have to start somewhere.

And we start now.

– David Gamboa

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