Dear Kobe

Dear Kobe,

From the moment I saw you in our living room
Soaring through the sky of the Great Western Forum
I knew one thing was real for the no. 8:
You were going to be great

maxresdefault (1)

My respect for you is so deep because you gave your all –
From your mind and body
To your spirit and soul

As a six-year-old boy
That had a Lakers ball as his favorite toy
You made me a fan of the purple and gold
Even now that I’m already 24-years old

You became more than just a scorer
You proved it by becoming a defensive stopper
In your prime, you became the best 2-way player
A fact that I love to say to all your haters

You faced all your adversaries head on
When you were facing your rivals, one thing was clear – it was game on
You made the games more exciting and fun
Not to mention, you scored effin 81

You made fadeaways look so easy
And all your game winners are just as filthy
Some would say your shot selections are horrible
They must have forgotten that those are the same shots that made your legacy incredible

It’s tough to hear you announcing that this is your last season
Stating that your body just can’t handle it anymore as your reason
The NBA has lost one of its greatest players ever in history
But you inspired the league and its fans with your story

We may not be ready to let you go
But we will savor ever moment you have left, appreciating the beauty of your game like the paintings of Vincent Van Gough
We know you’ve given us everything you have in your heart
You made basketball a work of art

We both know no matter what you do next,
You will always be the greatest Laker ever
From the young kid shooting rolled up socks in the garbage can,
To rings in your hand.
5… 4… 3… 2… 1

David Gamboa

One thought on “Dear Kobe

  1. Beautiful! I’ve always been a Lakers fan, watching videos of the showtime era and after the Van Exel-Jones-Ceballos team. In October of 96 I was 16 when i bought some fleer trading cards of the 96-97 season, in the first envelope there was a pair of lakers rookies, Travis Knight was one of the cards, the other one a kid from Philadelphia named Kobe Bryant. Since I saw that card I had a heartbeat he will be great, even I laminated the card. Months later came that Slam Dunk Contest with the cocky attitude, that made me a Kobe fan along with my love for the Lakers. 19 years later I’m grateful because I was able to witness the whole career of my favourite player, ever. There will never be another Kobe, thank God I watched the only one from the beginning to the end of his amazing journey.


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