COOKING SHOW: Why the PBA favored Ginebra over Purefoods

A look at the 7-game series that brought Ginebra back to the Finals with a little help from a fine commissioner…

After ending an 8-year title drought in last season’s Governors’ Cup, the Barangay Ginebra San Miguel will look to end a 10-year Philippine Cup skid as they face the San Miguel Beermen in a quasi-Finals rematch…. and the bragging rights of being called the best local alcoholic drink in the market: gin or beer? (The PG version of “choco na gatas or gatas na choco” debate)

Now, let’s be honest — no one really cared about the Talk N Text and San Miguel series.

If TNT won, PBA fans will all be like “ah okay.” And now that SMB won and headed to another Finals appearance with a loaded roster, it still received the same “ah okay” reaction. For comparison’s sake, Leila De Lima and Antonio Trillanes get the same reaction in their weekly “Duterte is a billionaire psychotic murderer” press conferences.

So don’t feel bad, TNT and SMB!

But when you utter the following words:
Never Say Die,”
Manila Clasico,”
Caguioa — Jayjay,”
Paul Lee,”
Alfrancis Chua — Abby Poblador scandal,”

You get the people talking. That’s the beauty of having Ginebra and Purefoods Star Hotshots in the semi-finals, the same matchup that has been the PBA’s answer to the Lakers-Celtics, the DLSU-ADMU, and Erich Gonzales-Daniel Matsunaga rivalries!

And with a strong possibility of a 7–game series on the horizon, one can only imagine Commissioner Chito Narvasa going gaga over the money that PBA could make from their advertisements and gate attendance just before the semi-finals started.

(Remember, this is the same commissioner that will fine you for just about anything )

The narrative of the “SemiClasico” looked good on paper — Barangay Ginebra, with all odds against them, always had their “Never Say Die” attitude that won them games. All out with all heart as they face their archrival, Purefoods Star Hotshots.

But the actual story is the polar opposite.

Ginebra found themselves down 0–2 and 2–3 in the series and yet everytime they win, fans say it’s all scripted (again, same reactions during De Lima and Trillanes’ press conferences); everytime they lose, fans will say that Ginebra is back in their “kangkungan.” It’s tough to be Ginebra fan these days.

But it doesn’t take a die-hard PBA fan to know this — Ginebra in the PBA Finals will make more sense, due to their immense following, than Purefoods.

Just look at the attendance count during the last 2 Semiclasico games:

Game 6 at Araneta Center:

Game 7 at MOA Arena on a Tuesday night (that is neither a holiday nor payday):

Which is why I can’t help but imagine that the PBA did have something up in their sleeves to try and favor Barangay Ginebra, not only for the sake of everyone who has bled Ginebra since the days of Jawo (both Robert and Dudot) but also, for the PBA’s own benefit and having enough publicity for the Philippine Cup Finals.

First, let’s look at it from a betting aspect:

Below are the moneyline (betting on which team to win the game) prices for each team per game from OddsPortal.

(The prices are the multiplier. If you bet Php 100 on Ginebra to win Game 4, which is priced at 1.61, then you’ll get Php 161 in return)

GIN win % — Ginebra Win probabilty; PSH win% — Purefoods Win probability

Despite the absence of Greg Slaughter and a less than 100% Joe Devance, bookies were already preparing for the Ginebra bets, thereby cutting their prices short and making them big favorites in 5 of the 7 games. By Game 3, Purefoods were already up 2–0 in the series with all players healthy and yet Ginebra has a 62% chance of making it 2–1 than the Hotshots making it 3–0. Game 5 basically was a toss-up game, considering that the series became a best-of-3 at that point, which explains why both had 50% of winning. Once again, Hotshots were leading the series 3–2 but were still the underdog to win games 6 and the eventual do-or-die game 7.

Another thing that has always been questioned during game-fixing allegations are fouls called on the team and free throws attempted. Stats were from the boxscores made available by the PBA:

The number of fouls called on Purefoods were almost twice as much as what the refs called on Ginebra during Game 4 and the Hotshots leading 2–1 in the series. And discrepancy on the number of free throws attempted by Ginebra versus Purefoods in the same game is also disturbing.

23 free throws! That’s huge considering that the biggest discrepancy prior to that was 10, during Game 3 and Ginebra needing a win to make this a series. No wonder Marc Pingris and Allein Maliksi were planning to start a cooking show together right after losing Game 4! And I never even noticed how it was also lopsided in last night’s Game 7. 17 free throws on a do-or-a-die game? Come on Narvasa, the PBA didn’t have to be that obvious.

I asked a good friend of mine who basically lives and breathes Barangay Ginebra (no joke, he’s naming his first son Sparky Caguioa) and he justifies the difference by saying that the Hotshots were not aggressive attacking the paint and were settling for the outside shot. So I went a little further to check the scoring distribution of both teams per game and see if Sparky’s dad had a point

(Spoiler alert: he didn’t)

The Hotshots’ 3-point distribution were nothing out of the ordinary. It was only in Game 1 did the Star gambled on the perimeter but adjusted their plan in the following games when they realize that Ginebra didn’t have Greg Slaughter defending the paint!

Purefoods’ play inside the arc was also very much balanced throughout the series but check out the numbers for Games 4 and 7. Ginebra and Star Hotshots were pretty much equal on their 2pt attempts, but somehow Ginebra is shooting 23 more free throws than them? In Game 7, the Hotshots attacked the paint more (7 more attempts, 6 more converted) but were down 10 in the free throws?

There are limitations to the stats above when we consider that a mid-range, lay-up, dunk, and floaters are just some of the things counted as 2PTS, but in theory – if Ginebra and Purefoods are nearly identical in number of shots, then their FT difference shouldn’t be that huge in my opinion.

Let me say this, what Barangay Ginebra has accomplished in back to back conferences is nothing short of amazing. After all, two of their important big men (Slaughter and Devance) are battling through injuries while the rest of their players are stepping up big time.

I just don’t want to see teams getting punished for not having the following that Ginebra has to solve the PBA’s attendance issues and be used to sell the Finals.

Sure, these are just stats and numbers that don’t show the grit and grind that players from both teams displayed in a 7-game series, but this is also the reason why fans continue to question Ginebra when they win or lose during the Philippine Cup conference.

It’s time to change the script, Direk Narvasa. Try to do something to entice the crowd to support the league more instead of relying on Ginebra to bring the fans every game.

Let’s not wait for the PBA to turn into an “ah okay” league.

– David Gamboa

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      • dame mo sinabi pero isa lang ang naintindihan ko……….walang kwenta,, alam mo in normal thinking kung game fixing yun hindi lalamang ng sampung pila mahigit iskor ng ginebra…. tanggapin mo na lang na in this season and upcoming season… ginebra doing great … and that is the reborn of the team… pa-talino ka rin eh.. sayang effort mo.. wala kang kwentang blogger.. try to make something useful na makakabenifit ang tao.. why not try to blog about yourself fucking foolishness….. ano pakiramadam ng bina bash dahil sa kabobohan…..? sakit no..VOVO


    • 30 years ko ng pinapanod ang pba…even NBA…i,am avid ginebra fan. Panahon pa ni jawo.even jawo galit sa pandaraya o pustagan lalu na sugal… Aminin na natin mula ng mawala ang crisps at Toyota.. Humina ang PBA.. And when jawo became the coach of ginebra.. Nkita nyo naman cguro. Bumalik sigla ang PBA.. Aminin na natin at tanggapin,kung walang jaworski na nilalang ang diyos at naging coach.. Na nagpasikat ng ginebra..ay pare made..wala na sana ang pba.. Napanood nyo ba ang mga labang do or di ng ginebra. Ginebra vs greataste 3 pt shot ni ampalayo. Distrito shell ginebra pass ni jawo Kay distrito 2 pts miracle shot pasok. Bal David do or die laban sa smb half court shot pasok bal David ulit laban sa mobiline jumper pumasok with no time left pasok panalo. Tapos itong huli justine brownlie 3 sec. ,,4 pts shot pasok champion. Yan ba masasabi mong luto,scripted…ngayon dahil pasok ulit sa finals ginebra sabihin mo luto. Magaling lang talaga si coach Tim cone… Every game adjustment nya ibang klase. Nilimitahan nya ang mga scorer ng star… Nkita mo offense ng ginebra halos di mag mintis diba…game 1 dikit ang laban natalo ang ginebra dahil breaks of the game…ganun din sa game 2… Talo ginebra dahil sa breaks of the game..
      Alan mo kaybigan nandito ako sa Qatar pare.I watch all games ng PBA. Lalu na ang ginebra game since hawakan ni tim cone ang ginebra malaki ang nabago sa players and the team I’m times grandslam champion si cone pare. Naisip moba yan. Tapos kalaban pa nya dati nanyang hinawakan natural Alan nanya ang kahinaan ng star hotshot.. Tapus sabihin mo luto… Manood ka na lang ng cricket games bka din ka nababagay.. Basra kmi do or die kmi ng ginebra. At ng PBA in general… Gud luck syo talunam


  2. Waste of time. You obviously don’t know shit about basketball nagfi-feeling expert lang. I bet you didn’t even watch the whole game. Try watching it without bias samahan kita point out natin isa isa yung mga calls and non-calls. You just shared a stat from 2-pt FGA lmao you do realize that a lay-up/drive and a jumper from the paint up to below the 3-pt line is a 2pt FGA right? Tell me who’s the aggressive attacking the paint on both Ginebra and Star players. I gladly invite you to a debate here on your own trash blog. And wow ah talagang STAR pa nagrereklamo ng luto ngayon? That is just plain comedy right there. 😂 Love the saltiness of your tears.


    • Sir pinanood ko po buong game and even though Ginebra fan ako, halatang halatang binigay sa Ginebra (same din na binigay sa SMB yung kabilang series).

      Tingnan niyo na din ending nung game 7. Close game, 3 points lang lamang ng Ginebra nung start ng 4th. Si Maliksi na nag scoring barrage nung 3rd, binangko sa start ng 4th. Pinasok lang siya nung lumobo na to 14 yung lamang ng Ginebra. Napababa nila sa 6 yung lamang, tapos nilabas si Maliksi para kanino? Kay Rome de La Rosa. Di ko naman minamaliit si de la rosa, pero aalisin mo top scorer mo para lang sa young player na cold off the bench? Malabo ata yun. Isa pa yung laro ni Lee na sobrang di siya tumitira, at si Barroca na boy benta.

      Anyway, dahil dyan nawalan nako ng gana sa PBA kahit Ginebra fan ako. Nakakasawa kasing panoorin ang PBA na paboran ang isang team kahit na sila pa chini-cheer ko.

      At sa SMB-TNT naman, nakakasawa panoorin ang PBA na paboran sa tawag si Junemar kahit na malaki siya. Pagdating tuloy sa international, ang lambot. Hahaha.


      • You’re not really a Ginebra fan. You’re just a trash that goes along with the flow just for the sake you have said something. That’st not the way Ginebra fans thinks as far as I know. Btw, back read my comment here and you’ll know where I am coming from and what team I am rooting for. Think, bro.


      • Dont us hahaha halat ka e…try mo panuorin lahat..d ka ginebra fan wag mo kaming pinglo2ko d pinalabas aga si maliksi nakta mo ba adjustment ni cone nung pumutok si maliksi?kung hindi tanga ka un lng


  3. Bobo naman nito. Why did PBA waited for 8 years before ‘helping’ Ginebra win a crown? Right coach and right players for Ginebra has arrived. Period. Bad calls are there. sa lahat ng team nangyayari yan. Game 7? Watch on replay the game. Panget lang sobra laro ng team mo and nagkataon maganda sobra laro ng Gin Kings ko.


  4. A senseless and baseless accusations with nonsense brain. If you are really basketball aficionados you know how to have an analytical mind. The players are the one making the decisions of the play. Yes, there may be a non call with some plays but that doesn’t mean it favored one team or ginebra per se. Shots goes very well on the opposite team (Ginebra) whether we like it or not. And no one from PBA can manipulate the shots being made by any single player (unless it is a whiz whimpy magic making the ball controlled by an individual through remote). This kind of blog is another trash in the garbage bin. A one dimensional that benefits only for the sake of his own, just to make sense and say something. Study hard when making a blog. You are not asked to give your opinion which obviously favored on your part or it seems you can’t accept the fact that my team Star was already in losing battle. It’s not their night in as much as they are trying to make run. If they planned it and wanted it (PBA) why just not and did not do it many years ago. Dude, the kind the you think is like an elementary student who was put into shame because his lollipop was taken by another student. STAR fan here…
    Congrats Ginebra, you deserve it and you are the most worthy opponent of SMB. You represented passionate basketball in Game 6 and 7 at its finest.
    To STAR… well done for this season. No excuses here but I’m sure that what we have witnessed this conference is foretaste of greatness ready for the taking.
    To all bashers… #StoptheHate


  5. Bobo. Halatang bobo sa basketball. Statsheet pa basis. Halatang walang alam. Do you know how rare ma foul ang jump shot, set shot, off dribble shot? Mukhang last season ka lang nanoood ng basketball. Mag bblog ka na nga lang. Wala pang strong points. Bobo.


  6. First of all, Outside Shot is not = to 3pt Shot. Your friend is right. Star were not aggressive attacking the paint and were settling for the outside shot or should I say JUMPSHOT.


  7. Tangna ang biased ng insights mo panoorin mo ulit ang game 7 tingnan mo mabuti ang mga fouls dun..gago ka Hindi ka naman nanonood ng live para suportahan ang team mo kung ano ano pa iniisyu mo..kung favor ang PBA sana noon pa..kami nga laging dinadaya noon nagrereklamo ba kami..baka nakakalimutan mo na!GAGO! IYAKIN !!!


  8. Eto po nangyari nung Game 4 na sinasabing luto ni Pingris.
    Q1- early penalty daw
    -1:29 mins na lang ng magpenalty at wala naman fts attempt ang Tagay nun.
    Q2 – early penalty
    -around 5mins pa yan but only 4 fts attempted by Tagay hanggang matapos ang 2Q.

    ang konti daw ng freethrows nila… Sir, panay ang tira sa labas ng Star paano naman sila mapa-foul ng Ginebra at magkaka freethrow. You don’t get fouled camping around the 3 pt line. 5/24 3pt fgs tapos isisisi sa repayree? 😂

    Hindi mo din ata nakita na 17 turnovers at 9 assts lang ang Star sa buong laro nung game 4. 😂

    Game 7: Chito Victolero was totally out coached by Tim Cone. 😂 The fact that most players of star have grandslam experience. They should know how to deal with this situation. The only edge that the gins have in this Do or Die game is that they have Coach Tim Cone.


  9. A total waste to time reading this blog, I tried to figure out what the bloggers point in making such accusation. But he only relied on stupid numbers! Watch the game yourself and don’t rely on numbers. About Maliksi being pulled out in the last quater of game 7, he’s scoring heavily because he was guarded by Thompson who’s way shorter than him, as a good coach like Cone, he made an adjustment putting Ferrer for Maliksi, he was well defended and can’t contribute anymore during the dying minutes. As per Paul Lee, it’s the defense of Gins that shut him down. You can see that he’s frustrated (always bowing down) the whole 4th quarter.


  10. Dami nagfefeeling magaling. Nakikibasa nalang kayo. Mambabastos pa. Haha. May mga nagmunura pa. Alam naman nila sa sarili nila. Yun na nga eh. Nagsunod sunod si Maliksi ng 3rd tapos binangko ng 4th? Lol. Yung mga nagsabing bobo yung nag blog neto. Laro tayo. Pustahan. Labanan namin kayo ng team ko. Pwede? Reply kayo sa message ko kung go kayo. Mga nagfefeeling magaling. Sabagay. Hanggang nood lang naman kayo.


  11. Let the bloggers state their opinions..right nila yung right nyo sa pagtatangol sa team nyo..pero one thing is for sure..iba na ang pba ngayon..dati ang pba is played tru good competition (even if its a hell lot bloody then) ..lets just understand that the pba is now is in decline ..almost wala na nanonood unless ginebra ang mag lalaro..syempre pba is not entirely a sport program..its also a we have to understand they need talaga kumita..without profit alam nyo na mangyayari..kaya enjoy na lang natin ang mga laro..cheers na lang natin ang bawat teams…


  12. – 2 pt fg doesn’t always mean attacking the paint, i suppose you are aware of that. so to say that star attacked the rim more than ginebra based on 2pt fga would only be correct if you provided the breakdown of 2pt fga: how many were taken inside the paint and how many came from the perimeter, jumpshots?
    – fouls aren’t ONLY called during FGA. blocking foul, offensive foul, hand check, etc.. the game plan of Star is to take the gas out of LA tenorio. how would they do that? physical defense, full court press, switching and fresh legs. another one is attack LA’s defense. LA was getting a lot of fouls from the physical defense of star guards. and this also backfired somehow. they were useless offensively during the later part of the series, and tim cone was able to adjust on star’s defense on LA by going for a small line up with a three guard combination of sol, thompson and LA. by doing so, the defense will be all-out on LA, and sol finds himself almost always free from the three point area. result, 20+ points per game on both games 6 and 7. LA meanwhile, as the defense on him losen up, he had better looks at the basket. result: 20 ppg on games 6 and 7.
    – tim cone. he is just too much for victolero. he adjusted well as the series progresses. it wasn’t the same case for victolero and it was evident on game 7. when maliksi was outscoring thompson, cone assigned ferrer to guard maliksi. he didn’t score a single point after that adjustment. other notable adjustments during the series: sol’s defense on paul lee and jalalon. jervy cruz as offensive threat. ferrer as perimeter defender. and as ive mentioned on my previous point, three guard combo.
    – there were bad calls and non calls against ginebra as well. there was an instance i believe it was game 4, thompson got the rebound on the defensive end. then jalolon stripped the ball away from thompson, it was evident based on thompson’s expression that he was hit by jalalon but he just moved on and played defense instead. the replay was shown in the big screen and indeed, jalalon got the steal because he caught thompson’s arm and that caused thompson to lose the possesion. point is, ginebra’s mentality, and it was shared by their coaches a few months ago, that they should have the “amnesia mentality”. if a bad call or non call happened, let go, move on from the bad call and continue playing. in that way, they will maintain focus on the game. but it wasn’t the case for star players. they just completely lost their focus. remember the maliksi “luto” gesture? he was convinced that the refs were cooking the game for ginebra. but when the replay was shown in the big screen, guess what, the call was correct. he caught mercado’s arm. he didn’t even touched the ball. that was a clear foul. again, point is, there were bad calls and non calls against both teams. the difference was, ginebra players knows how to let go and move on from bad calls.. star players find it hard to do the same.


  13. nanalo na Ginebra so wala ng dapat pagtalunan, pero ang nakikita kong pont dito at yun, hindi lang ginebra magbabalik sa sigla ng PBA… the kume should think more other palamuti para sumigla ang PBA and ofcourse sana yun mga ref nila ay itraining pa nila ng sa ganun mawala sa isip ng tao ang bentahan.. sa mga ifans naman na walang maling nakikita open nyo rin ang mata niyo baka nga nililoloko na tayo ng PBA, but still i agree that ginebra win this series because of Cone


  14. To all ginebra fans. Don’ Follow or read anymore his blog. Nagpapasikat lang cya para dumami following nya at yumaman pa sa ruling ng ginebra fans. Sarapan mo gamboa pagluluto mo at Baja magpa cater pa ako sau…


  15. Kangkong pdn asa kay chua asa sa refs asa kay narvasa. Kayo nlng under smc group ang wala png grandslam kya gngwa ni chua lahat pra mka grandslam ang kangs. Para masabi na lahat ng hawak ng smc nakagrandslam… Kangkong pdin kayo




  17. Instead of writing this blog, why not move on and give suggestions to your team? Saan nagkulang ang team, defense ba or dame ng TO’s. Things that can help your team next conference kasi hindi na mababalik ang laro last time. I’m a Gins fan pero nung time na bagsak sila, sila sinisisi ko kasi kulang sa effort ng team. I don’t blame other team for winning the game. (Mas Magaling sila eh). If you know basketball, hindi ka maghahanap ng kamalian sa iba but improve your game so next time you guys meet eh manalo ka na.


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  19. Grabeng mga pag uutak nmn yan.
    Kung may ganeang nangyayari edi sa nuon pa lumabas yan. At kung totoong bayad bayad yan abay ang tatanga nmn ng mga player’s nio kung tatanggap ng bayad para lng matalo? Sa palagay nio c ping tatanggap ng bayad? Samantalang sya iniiyakan pa ung pagkatalo? Pota ipapaalala ko lng ha tao kayo hnd talangka kaya gmitin nio utak tao nio? Bgay? Cno nmng bobong player ang magbibigay ng game?? Hnd ko ugaling pumatol sa mga ganitong katangahan.. Pero sumusobra nmn yata.. Bkt nun smb vs star hnd nio man cnasabing luto o bgay ung laban. Tang ina ang hirap ng ng lugar ng ginebra sainyo !! Pag talo kangkong pag panalo daya binenta binigay?? Npaka unfair nmn yata? Yes i admit 8yrs ng hnd nagchachampion ginebra except last yr pero hnd ibig sabihin nun hnd na cla pwdng lumakas kya nga pinagpapalitan ung mga players even coaching staff.! Sa mga star, napa grand slam kau ni coach tim so ibig sbhn ba kya nag grandslam ung star dhl pumayag c coach tim na magbayad para mag grand slam kau ?? Ano png slbi pala nia?? Npaka unfair nio nmn.. Kht yta talangka hnd yn kayang icpn. Magagalng lht ng player ng ginebra coach lng ang kulang nla kya plgi clang laglag nuon. Tpos npunta ung pinaka magaling na coach sa pba sa ginebra anong nkakapagtaka dun ?? Kung hnd nio man lng kyang irespeto ung pagkapanalo ng gins ung effort man lng nila bilang player bwat shoot bawat bangga free throw foul PINAGHIHIRAPAN nila un !!! Sasabhin nio scripted? Pano un ? Sasabhn ba ng director “paul lee dpt maka 3pts ka” what if hnd sya naka 3pts sisigaw ba ung director ng “cut” duh ! Wag niong gawing tanga at bobo ung mga players ng ibng team marunong snang tumanggap ng pagkatalo.. BILOG ANG BOLA hnd kau laging nsa itaas !!


  20. sa sports 2 lang naman yan isang panalo at isang naluto hahahha wala naman talagang natatalo 🙂 hahahhah kaya move on na were on the finals baby 🙂


  21. Unfair naman sa mga ginebra players na binigay ying 100% effort nila para makuha yung finals. Ganyan talaga pag hondi tangap ang pagkatalo kung anu-ano ang sinasabi. Let’s move on council.


  22. I have been a Purefoods fan since 1988 and have followed and witnessed the team during their glory and gloomy years. I am not about to bash whatever the author has written in his blog/article, everyone is entitled to their own opinion anyway. I’m sure he’s not even writing this to earn anyone’s sympathy. You just can’t simply please everyone. Anyway, I can only say that this Manila Classico semifinal series between the 2 (arguably) most popular teams in the PBA is truly one of the most exciting and heart-pounding series I have seen. I just feel that the Star Hotshots were clearly outplayed and outcoached during the entire length of the semis. Missed calls by the referees are there for both teams and it paved the way for an opportunity to be opened. It may either make or break the team’s resolve, but I saw how the Gin Kings handled it better than the other team. In the end, the “better” team won the battle. It doesn’t end here for both teams. Purefoods should be proud of what it has achieved now and look ahead for a brighter future. Ginebra is shooting for its 1st All-Filipino Cup since 2006-07 Season. I have nothing else to add, let us just move on. Congratulations and good luck to both teams.


  23. Halatang star fans yung blog na eto tanggapin nyo nalang na talo talaga ang team nyo wag puro iyak moveon oh isubo mong hotdog palaman ampalaya



    Madami parin “bulag” na die-hard PBA Fans. Mahigit 30yrs na ko die-hard fan ng Ginebra, yes mula panahon pa ni Jawo. Pero para sa mga sinasabi ko na “bulag” na fans, hindi nyo talaga nakikita (or nakita) ang difference ng laro dati at laro ngayon. Noong panahon ng mga TUNAY NA GINEBRA, laban talaga. Patay kung patay. Pero ngayon mga ka-barangay ko na “bulag”, PERA PERA na ang labanan. The glory years of the PBA ended in the 90s, sad to say. Hindi nyo ba napapansin kung paano langawin ang Araneta or MOA Arena sa lahat ng laban? Except pag Ginebra ang may laban at kalaban at PF, SMB, TNT. Mga 70-90% puno ang mga venue. Pag ALA at ROS ang kalaban nila mejo umaabot naman ng 50% occupancy, 60-70% pag playoffs.

    Sa mga kapwa ko die-hard pero mga bulag, hindi nyo mapapansin ang lahat ng sinabi ng author ng article na ito kung ordinary die-hard fan lang kayo. Ang sinasabi ko ay, mas makikita nyo and marerealize nyo ang analysis na ito kapag kayo ay SPORTS BETTORS rin. Dyan no mahahalata lahat yan: point-shaving, sukatan, bigayan, laglagan, etc.

    Gumising kayo sa katotohanan at realidad ng PBA ngayon mga hunghang! Kaya nga single round robin nalang palagi ang PBA at 3 conferences kasi kumikita lang talaga ang PBA kapag “playoffs.” Hindi nyo ba naisip na hindi gaano masakit matalo ng championship sa PBA kasi in a few weeks ay makakabawi ka na kasi simula na ulit ng susunod na conference? I guess hindi talaga kayo totoong basketball fans. Hindi katulad ng NBA, o sabihin nalang rin natin ang UAAP o NCAA, na mas nadarama ng mga player/teams ang pagkatalo o pagkapanalo ng liga kasi once a year lang at “pinaghirapan” talaga. Kung natatandaan nyo, sinubukan na ng dating commisioner ng PBA na gawin 2 conferences nalang per season (isang all filipino at isang reinforced (may import) pero hindi talaga kumita ang PBA kasi nilalangaw nga ang venues sa mga double-round robin at pag hindi Ginebra ang isang naglalaro.

    Ulitin ko lang, GISING o DUMILAT kayo!

    More power to you Mr. Gamboa. Thanks for trying to open the minds of our fellow basketball fanatics.


  25. As a die hard Gin Kings Fan, I wont agree or disagree with what u said. All I have to say is, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What saddens me is that some of us die hards have the poorest choice of words when expressing our passion or opinion.

    Im not a poser either I watched 2 games patron seat and wouldve watched all the games if my schedule permit. That said, I think there were a lot of “breaks in the game” as they call it. Game 4 to me was officiated poorly on both ends.
    But I have to say this a good article or blog…. Why?

    Because u have people reading, reacting. It causes a stir o pumukaw atensiyon. It showed interesting angles on the topic and instead of being bashed can be entertained on a positive note. That said, I wouldn’t say I agree with everything written but none the less kudos to you bro. You had attention circulateeven to those “emotional ones” and I think that’s what makes an article slick. Keep it up! 🙂


  26. Firstly, I am a 54-year-old die-hard Jaworski/Ginebra fan. But this doesn’t mean that I am blinded, do not (or cannot) think, and not see what isn’t obvious or out of the ordinary.

    I agree with the article owner David Gamboa, DiehardPbaSportsBettingFan, Kapitan Tutan, and 1 or 2 more people I recall who have a deeper understanding of the article, basketball, and the PBA.

    To go straight to the point, as a REAL BASKETBALL FANATIC, you should be able to “READ BETWEEN THE LINES” so to speak, and have a DEEPER UNDERSTANDING of the game- as a sport and as a BUSINESS. Majority (if not all) of the bashers of this article only see the tip of the iceberg. They have absolutely no idea of what lies beneath. Without having to sugar-coat, I have to say “Ang dami nga sa inyo nagmamarunong pero makitid ang pagiisip nyo sa totoo lang,” with all due respect.

    I too, am a die-hard Ginebra fan, I used to watch almost all their games at Araneta, Ultra and Cuneta during the glory years as mentioned above by DiehardPbaSportsBettingFan. Thus, I am not taking this position because I am a PF Star fan as how you narrow-minded fans tagged the blogger. Excuse me again for not sugar-coating.

    You bashers (and my co-diehard Gin fans) can curse all you want, but sad to say you guys indeed cannot (and do not) see what really lies beneath.

    And yes, to reinforce what DiehardPbaSportsBettingFan said about the PBA format, there are 3 conferences because the PBA makes the most money during the Finals (not the full playoffs). And more so with my Ginebra team in it. This friends is reality, and not because I am for PF or any team whatsoever. You can verify this with the PBA if you can get their financials. #KnowTheGame #ThinkDeeper #LookBeyond #TooManyKnowItAllsButActuallyKnowNothing


  27. Ginebra killer daw natagpuang patay! 😂😂 maliksi namataang nakalupaypay! 😂😂 sakuragi wala nang maidahilan, inakusahang gunggong! 😂😂 malakas talaga kami.. malakas kami sa taas.. 💪🏻☝🏻️😇

    iiyak na yan! iiyak na yan! iiyak na yan!


    hahahahahahaha! 😂😂😂


  28. will give the author the benefit of the doubt….
    1. pero, mahirap turuan ang bola na pumasok sa ring at will… kahit na anong ‘luto’ kung hindi papasok ang bola, mahirap din… this was evident in game 3 na 3 sunod na 3’s pumasok from ginebra….
    2. mas maraming foul sa PF nung game 4 and will therefore result to more FTs and these are legit fouls… sa basketball, there are calls that will go and might go in favour of another team, pero hindi mo madaling malululuto ang buong series…
    3. sa pba, isang commercial league in the sense na max mahabang maglaro ang team mas maganda return of investment kasi max mahaba exposure sa tv at radio, so hindi basra papaya ang mga non- smb at non-mvp teams na basta mawalan ng exposure…
    4. let us give credit sa build up ng gins… tagalong na coach na kayang mag develop ng players… he had done that in alaska and PF before… so if I will follow the logic ng article, nanluto run ang alaska because they dominated the mid to late 90’s?
    5. and just reiterating one of the comments above- bait ngayon lang tutulungan ng PBA ang ginebra? 8 years title drought and 10 years all-pinoy title drought?


  29. That is why the league is helping to bring back the interest of the people by including the most popular team in the PBA in the playoffs and hopefully win championships. Business is business and Ginebra can draw big crowds and thus earns huge profits for the league. Open your eyes !!!!


  30. You cannot measure heart with stats….you cannot measure with stats the moral support Ginebra gets from their fans….but if you honestly think that what you wrote is true….the there was a crime committed…why don’t you report it to The Games and Amusement Board and have them investigated?


  31. Alam mo mr. Blogger, maganda na sana ang analysis mo eh may konting kulang lang. Kung sinama mo lahat ng parameters like rebound, assist, block, steal, turnover, fastbreak points, turnover turn into points, minutes played, etc… (kaw na magsabi kung konti nga yan). Para hindi ka mahirapan try to look at box score, hindi lang points at foul ang andun. From there baka hindi mo na sinulat to baka hindi ka na nageffort. Being a sports analyst most importantly in basketball hindi lang score at foul ang titignan mo. Ang daming parameters nyan oh? Lahat ng parameters na yan can turn in to points and foul. Being the aggressor always have the advantage lalo kung napagaralan mo na ang numbers from previous games. Even sa boxing lamang ang aggressive type. Thats what Ginebra did on game 7 they start aggressively on both defense and offense kaya nga naupos ang players kakahabol eh.

    Tsaka dont speak on behalf of the players hindi mo alam kung gaano nakakapagod magup and down sa playing court. 2 up and down lang hingal kabayo na yan. At hindi mo din alam ang felling na sinasakal ka ng depensa baka kung ikaw yun nagplay dead ka na lang? Maglaro ka muna ng basketball sa whole court kahit sa kanto para alam mo ang hirap tsaka ka ulit magsabing bakit pinahing si maliksi at bakit outplayed si Paul Lee.

    Just saying…


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