Can TSM Win the World?

After conquering Europe, is Team SoloMid ready to conquer the World?

The question of whether Europe or North America is better has been answered during the Rift Rivals tournament. With Team SoloMid conquering Europe, are they on track to conquer the world as well? Will the American dream finally come true? Or is it going to be 2016 all over again?

While most fans won’t be buying on the hype now (knowing what happened at Worlds last year) there are still some points to argue for TSM’s bid at the Worlds.



While a win internationally is still an achievement in itself, a win over EU somehow lessens the glory that goes along with it.

EU performed well during the Mid-Season Invitational but among the regions that will compete at worlds, it is probably ranked as 3rd or even 4th. We all know that Korea is still way above everyone else. While it doesn’t really boost TSM’s chances at Worlds, it does give a good indicator that they could perform internationally. TSM was broken last year at Worlds, carrying high expectations but only to fail at the worst possible time. This was made apparent by the lack of exposure to international tournaments for their top laner, Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell, and support, Vincent “Biofrost” Wang. Luckily, there are three international events that happened after Worlds and both players showed promise during these tournaments.


Understanding how to play different play styles and being able to execute them is an advantage in this game. This was made apparent by TSM during Rift Rivals. The team who adapts faster to the “tournament meta” often wins the whole tournament, as displayed by SK Telecom during their appearances in international competitions.

TSM understands this and is not slacking when it comes to this area as well. They have shown flexibility by playing different team compositions during Rift Rivals. Whether it is a team fighting or split-push composition, they are able to manage to pull these styles very well. They have even managed to be flexible on which lane they’re playing, deviating from their traditional mid lane focus strategy. The return of Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng helped in achieving this but a majority of the credit goes to the team constantly trying things out during the LCS Split. The foundation is being set but, as was shown on Rift Rivals, they are not able to execute every play style perfectly yet, TSM fans could only be optimistic that come to Worlds, the diamond in the rough would be polished then.

While the tournament is still a couple of months away, TSM fans could only be optimistic at the team’s chances this time. This team already felt what it’s like to fail at this stage and should be even more motivated at doing better this time as they gear themselves with the tools needed to finally win that coveted Summoner’s Cup.

– Jeremiah Rulloda

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